apartment-bangyaiContracting for apartment construction

Contracting for apartment construction for a standard price. We emphasize the quality of the apartment construction and the utilities in an apartment construction design that suits the tenants as well as business continuation for greater income and ability to compete in the  market

We believe that in building an apartment or condominium for people to live in, we and the owner must have made merit together. It is not surprising that our Company will accept only apartment construction and construct only the work that the owner submits, without having to compete for the price with anyone.

We provide consultation on constructing an apartment, condominium, building, and factory;

and consultation on engineering, structural system, groundwork, beam, pillar, and floor. We have experienced foremen,  architects and engineers who will manage the electricity and plumbing, emphasizing a leakage prevention system that covers various areas.

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call us at 062-249-4626 – Thanaphat;

Design and drawings for the construction of apartment, condominium, hotel, building, and factory.

Free! Consultation service;

Build according to your budget / We do not accept project bidding; Emphasis on quality work and reasonable price.

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