A P Con (Thailand) Company Limited began as a family based construction contractor in Saraburi Province over 20 years ago under the name of Hin Kong Ko Sang Ltd., doing the construction of buildings, transporting sandstone, land filling, building factories around Saraburi and Ayutthaya Province, and tendering for government projects until today.

Since then, we have expanded our business into Bangkok and opened a construction material store: Tanaporn

               Mr.Thanapat Lertsukkirat

Home Center Company Limited, located on Kaset Nawamin Road, which handles construction, design, and engineering consultation. Presently, we operate in the construction of apartments and dormitories under the name of APARTMENT PLUS or A P Con (Thailand) Company Limited.

Mr. Weera Kotaru (Chairman of the Advisory Board)

In addition, we also construct factories, buildings, and condominiums, as the contractor through the management of our foremen, architects, and engineers. The Company oversees the work for the structural system, groundwork, beam, post, and floor. We use outsourcing for electricity and plumbing, emphasizing a leakage prevention system that covers various areas. We do the full design for the plumbing and electricity system work. Also, we provide advice on how to legally build the highest number of rooms possible in an apartment construction. We guarantee our work. Moreover, we provide service for design, plan drawings and calculating costs of apartment, as well as filing for construction approval and contacting government agencies until your construction permit is obtained. We also provide a free break-even analysis and preliminary design drawings. We have many customers who trust us with their projects. We inform you of the cost before you invest by designing in a way that saves on construction costs, reducing your overall investment with fast construction. You will receive free design drawings when building with our team.

  • Design and construction of apartment buildings.
  • Consultation Apartment Problems
  • Apply for permission to build a house and ask for the number of water lights condominium and apartment.
  • Contact – solve problems with government agencies
  • Construction of a fully integrated apartment building.
  • Consult and provide detailed information on the construction phase of the apartment.
  • Apartment Structure Guarantee Lifetime
  • Controlled by a team of highly experienced engineers.
  • All steps are carried out by a professional architect, engineer and team.

Contractor with good governance; received the outstanding award of Singthong, Executive, and Corporate Developer.

*Also, “Executive of the Year” for outstanding project and creative management and role model for driving the strength of the country: CEO AWARDS 2016