Vision of the Executive
We are a Company with specialized expertise on apartments, condominiums, and hotel, from mid-size to large, by focusing on the sentiment of all parties, no matter residents, building owners or building management, with fair construction costs (at a lower price than other companies) and break-even point for the building owner

A P Con (Thailand) Company Limited is ready to create quality work that underscores good morals. We wish to build apartments for building owners who have good ethics and do not exploit. Everybody on our team, from architect to engineer, is fully prepared to manage your work with an honest heart.

Nowadays, there are many construction companies to choose from, and it is certainly the building owner’s right to choose. Some building owners require very low prices, as low as 8,000 baht for a construction. But after the job is complete, many problems may follow that can significantly affect their tenants. In a case like this, our Company will not accept the job because it cannot provide satisfaction to all parties.

Mr.Thanapat Lertsukkirat

Managing director