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Constructing fully equipped condominium apartments with a professional engineering team.


Supervise all construction procedures by the architect, construction engineer, and the professional and experienced construction team.

Design and provide construction consultation.

Apartment Design and Construction Drawing Services

Design and provide construction consultation, create apartment layouts for maximum space utilization, in compliance with legal regulations

Submit a request for building permit

Submit a request for permission, contact the government agency until obtaining the license, along with the address, water, electricity, condominium, and apartment details.

Controlled by an engineering team during construction

Controlled by a highly experienced team of professional engineers, ensuring quality workmanship, and providing consultation services.

Break-even analysis

Designing and drafting architectural drawings with a cost-benefit analysis, aiming to optimize construction expenses and facilitate rapid construction

Numerous works from many customers who trust us.

  • Legally build an apartment to get as many rooms as possible.
  • Guaranteed work with service
  • Make a list of apartment calculations and request permission.
  • Contact government agencies until a building permit is obtained.
  • Design and draw an apartment with a break even point analysis.

Apartment Construction; Condominium, Hotel, and Factory Building Construction


we also construct factories, buildings, and condominiums, as the contractor through the management of our foremen, architects, and engineers. The Company oversees the work for the structural system, groundwork, beam, post, and floor. We use outsourcing for electricity and plumbing, emphasizing a leakage prevention system that covers various areas. We do the full design for the plumbing and electricity system work. Also, we provide advice on how to legally build the highest number of rooms possible in an apartment construction. We guarantee our work. Moreover, we provide service for design, plan drawings and calculating costs of apartment, as well as filing for construction approval and contacting government agencies until your construction permit is obtained. We also provide a free break-even analysis and preliminary design drawings. We have many customers who trust us with their projects. We inform you of the cost before you invest by designing in a way that saves on construction costs, reducing your overall investment with fast construction. You will receive free design drawings when building with our team.

  • Design and construct buildings, apartments, and condominiums.
  • Provide consultation on problems regarding apartments.
  • File for construction approval, including house number, plumbing, electricity, condominium, and apartment.
  • Contact-Solve the problems with official agencies on building the apartment, condominium, and full-service hotel, including the installation of all systems.
  • Provide consultation and information on the procedures of building an apartment and condominium.
  • Guarantee the structure of the apartment, condominium, and hotel throughout its lifetime.

Supervise all construction procedures by the architect, construction engineer, and the professional and experienced construction team.

Our Client

we consult Building an apartment, building, condo, applying for permission to build an apartment