Terms and conditions of the preliminary work acceptance and the preliminary price agreement ….. according to the specification……. baht/sqm. In your case (a building owner will proceed with the design and ask for approval to build until finished), the procedures are as follows:

  1. Inspect the construction site.
  2. Make the preliminary design (inspect the area and the land position with the local city plan and review the construction laws regarding approvals to build).
  3. Make and propose the preliminary design for consideration. Once you approve, the actual construction plan will be designed to ask for the approvals. In this case, we will provide you with free design and plan drawings, including the engineer and architect who will sign the design and supervise the work. Make sure to understand that we will design the work within the budget as informed from the beginning. Our Company’s standard of construction is an average of one square meter per …. according to the specification …… baht/sqm., including the piles, but excluding the passenger elevators, air conditioner, furniture, water heater, and the extension of transformer + electric wiring outside the building.
  4. File for the permit as an urgent case within 45 days until receiving the construction permit.
  5. Start the construction until completion, taking about 10-12 months.Expenses
    All procedures for the design until the permit is obtained; agreement on the design fee …… baht. (Call for quotation)